Thermal protection

The Mapa Professionnel Thermal Protection range provides excellent comfort and protection to hands whenever work situations require.

These safety gloves may be needed if hands are exposed to a cold environment over an extended period, or when handling hot or cold objects.

Select the appropriate thermal protection to meet your needs


The higher the level of performance, the greater the gloves thermal insulation. The gloves are set out in the tables according to the performance level, and according to the EN 511 standard.

  • Standard protection

    Standard protection

    Suitable for general handling in a cold environment until -10°C, e.g. handling whilst on off-shore oil rigs

  • High-level protection

    High-level protection

    Gives protection both from convective (or ambient) cold, and contact cold. Ideal for handling cold objects in low temperature environments until -30°C, e.g. handling in cold storage rooms.


Select the glove that meets your needs according to your working environment. On the left are gloves that are ideal for dry environments. On the right are gloves that are increasingly effective in wet environments.

All of these gloves are waterproof according to the EN 511 standard. In addition, the Temp-Sea glove is 100% liquid-proof according to the EN 374 standard

  • Dry


    Gloves that are ideal for dry environments.

  • Wet


    Gloves that are increasingly effective in wet environments.


To limit fatigue of the hand when gloves must be worn for long periods, a glove without reinforced grip is recommended (Ref. 750-751-770).

According to your search criterias, Mapa Professionnel suggests the following safety gloves:

Thermal Protection - TempIce 700 - packshot
Reinforced Durability to push the limits of cold
Thermal Protection - TempIce 770 - packshot
Thermal insulation 100% liquid-proof to protect from extreme contact cold

Please enlarge your search criteria. It might be due to functionalities that are opposite