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Dear partners,

For all HSE, providing  the right PPE is an heavy task and the choice of the suitable gloves doesn’t come easy . It is the reason MAPA PROFESSIONNEL has launched a new website beginning 2012 and is now launching a brand new catalogue. The objective is to make the glove selection process easy and reliable. This month  we are proud  to present you our 2 innovations : ULTRANE 500 GRIP & PROOF and KRYTECH MAX 596. These gloves will definitely help your team to raise interest from HSE in your countries and to provide new solutions within the PPE world. Many other surprises in 2013 ! I wish you a “bonne lecture”.

Henri GINDRE | Export Sales Director

New exclusive products

Mapa Professionnel has just launched two new products : the famous ranges "Handling" and "Cut protection" will count each a new glove at the edge of Mapa Professionnel's expertise.

> Discover Ultrane 500 for Handling

> Discover Krytech Max 596 for Cut

Focus on handling protection

The Mapa Professionnel Handling Protection range provides the comfort and protection hands require to carry out a wide variety of work. This range is divided into two distinct classes, helping you to choose the most appropriate type of protection for your specific application

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Our new general catalogue is now available

This catalogue has been designed to help you find the product that gives you the protection you need. Understand the specific characteristics of a glove in order to make the best choice.

> Discover it

Website Focus


Wherever you are, you can find the closest retailer of MAPA gloves. Thanks to the distributor locator, sure there is a SOLUTION for every hand that works and for every workplace.

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