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A professional strength for Hand Protection


Glove manufacturer since 1948, Mapa offers specialist expertise for hand protection. We have developed a glove for every task in various industries: Food, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering, Fishing, Building, Critical Environment... The material resistance, features and shape are designed to meet all safety, comfort and dexterity requirements. In dry or wet conditions or when confronting mechanical, cut or thermal aggressions, every pair of Mapa gloves gets the job done. Mapa Professionnel targets all needs of professionals and its presence in over 90 countries is a key factor in achieving true customer satisfaction.

Mapa Chemical

In order to meet the diversity of hazardous situations that exist, Mapa Professionnel propose a wide range of protective gloves designed using polymers, which, due to their intrinsic nature, will behave differently with respect to the same chemical product.

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Food Industry

Production, processing, distribution and catering; the Mapa Professionnel protective gloves provide solutions for every application in the food industry. Mapa Professionnel has actually developped the Mapa FoodExpert range of gloves to guarantee maximum hygiene and strict compliance with European regulations regarding food contac

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Focus - Krytech 586

High-performance protection for intricate handling in reasonably clean environments

  • Optimal cut resistance, level 5
  • Excellent dexterity due to the precise fit
  • Added comfort and flexibility
  • A visible indicator in blue textile to easily identify the cut-performance level in the workplace

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Focus - Ultrane 553

Unbeatable for fingertip precision in dirty environments

  • Excellent abrasion resistance: longer-lasting
  • Nitrile coating resistant to dirt particles
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and freedom of movement, due to the reduced thickness of the glove

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Website Focus


A true revolution regarding the websites of the protective glove manufacturers! A benchmark of industrial sites recognized the new site to Mapa Professionnel's main purpose is to guide Internet users, whether distributors or users and to provide them answer as fully as possible.

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