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Krytech Max 596

27 May 2013

Maximum cut protection and high dexterity in one Mapa innovation: the protection above norms. Discover it!

New Krytech Max 596: Protection above norms

In the field of precision work, the market is changing as, under pressure from the authorities, the level of protection required is constantly being increased to reduce the number of accidents. According to statistics, in spite of a wide range of products and growing awareness, occupational accidents remain high.

- 14% are cuts*

- 34% affect the hands and upper limbs*

- 30% of users cut themselves despite wearing level 5 gloves**

With Krytech Max 596, Mapa is strengthening its position on the «precision work» cut market by offering a level of protection unequalled with such a thin glove.



- Tests show that a weight of just 700g can cut a level 3 glove in a single movement. However, a weight of 3.8kg is required to cut the new Krytech Max 596 glove

- Above-standard length for increased arterial protection 


- With its thin fabric (gauge 13) and polyurethane (PU) coating, this glove offers the best possible dexterity for protection at 38N


- Fabric: colour coded by Mapa to help perform visual checks, with a colour specific to each use.

GREY: protection level 3 of standard EN 388

BLUE: protection level 5 of standard EN 388 and between 15 and 30N in ISO tests

VIOLET: protection level 5 of standard EN 388 and above 30N in ISO tests

- Coating: black PU ideal for industrial use which is often dirty.


Discover the dedicated video - available on Youtube

*Statistics and occupational accidents in France in 2010.

**Survey conducted for Mapa relating to 65 companies operating in different sectors in 4 countries.