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Kronit 380 Grip & Proof

02 avril 2015

Focus on the best cut protective glove in the market designed for heavy duty work in oily environments.

Do you need hand protection in an oily / dirty environments?

Kronit 380 Grip & Proof has been designed for heavy-duty works: exposed intensive works where cut protection is required.

A new protective glove which provides a cut 3 protection, skin protected on palm and knuckle, an excellent grip/better productivity, DMF free, an excellent durability under intense mechanical constraints and an excellent comfort:

  • Easy to put and remove
  • Good prespiration management
  • Reduce RSI* risks (* Musculoskeletal symptoms)
Protection coupure - Kronit 380 - packshot
Le gant le mieux adapté pour les travaux lourds en environnement huileux.